Friday, 29 September 2017

9/29/2017 02:15:00 pm
Two Cameroon men were arrested on 

Thursday for allegedly gang raping a Thai 

lady in a hotel room.

The 25-year-old suspect identified only as Carauwas was apprehended at noon at a Kalasin school where he worked as an English-language teacher.

The suspect’s compatriot, William Inkokumokoko, also 25, was arrested later.

Thai Court issued arrest warrants for the pair following a 24-year-old victim’s complaint to police on Friday. 

She said she had gone clubbing on Thursday night and then went to meet Carauwas, her boyfriend of four months, at a hotel room at about 4am on Friday.

Carauwas and his friend were in the room when she arrived. She said the two men raped her and she later was able to push them off the bed and ran out of the room before alerting police at about 5am.

The men had fled the hotel by the time police arrived. Police investigated the scene and applied for arrest warrants based on the hotel’s CCTV footage.

Source: Nation

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