Wednesday, 18 October 2017

10/18/2017 01:38:00 pm
The hunt is on after CCTV posted two 

foreigners stealing from a Thai massage shop 

was shared on Facebook.

The footage shows two men in caps entering the shop. One says he needs the toilet while the other occupies the receptionist inquiring about a traditional massage.

They soon leave the shop and it is quickly discovered that two iPhone 7 Plus phones have been taken from out back.

The massage ladies dash out but the thieves are gone.


Patchari Duangpetsaeng replying to comments on her Facebook page said that the matter had been reported to police who told her that they recognize the faces of the thieves and believe that they have done this before.

Though they could offer little prospect of catching them, she said she was told.

The post was shared 4,000 times and many reacted negatively to the latest case of foreigners caught stealing on video.

Many called for the "water monitors" to be found - this term is the direct translation of the word "hia" used in Thai as a swear word.

Source: Facebook

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