Wednesday, 8 November 2017

11/08/2017 05:18:00 pm

Restaurant Ons Moeder in Jomtien was often the most discussed catering experience, with 7 Nov. 2017 again a new episode of the previous owner Chiel "Crook" Six. 

Previously, several buyers had passed the revue, all of which came from a cold fair at home and left their money behind.

But the new owner Martin Scheepers has completed his purchase properly, did not it happen that Chiel Six came to pick up the keys to get a new business. There was a gentleman agreement on the property in question, but this, like all previous agreements with buyers, was again wrong, which resulted in many dubious millions of Baht.

Martin Scheepers

Yes, you can get rich too, but Martin has cut his knives and never wants to accept it. 

Chiel arrived on 7 Nov. With a lot of bombing with the police, Martin was already prepared and waited with his lawyer, and this kite did not go through. If a case is in court, this may take a long time in Thailand, but a gentleman agreement will have little legal value in Thailand if there are no witnesses.

Chiel Six: Another Dutch Crook

The same was true for the former buyer of Chiel; Bert Haanstra. who was his best friend for 8 years. After the payment of 4 million baht, love was suddenly over and the knives were cut. This mouse gets a tail because the case is being brought to trial at various agencies. To be continued..!!

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