Wednesday, 24 January 2018

1/24/2018 05:00:00 pm
Blacklisted big-legged German beggar 

Benjamin Holst takes Muslim name, thinks it’ll

 help him enter Thailand

Serial beggar Benjamin Holst aka the Most Hated German in Thailand - has converted to Islam.

Since getting married in Africa a few months ago, notorious big-legged beggar Benjamin Holst has converted to his wife’s Muslim religion. With that change, came a new name to match his new faith: 

Benjamin Mohamed Drammeh.

Now he hopes that his new name, Benjamin Mohamed Drammeh, will help give him a new identity and a chance to get back to Thailand one day.

Holst, famous for having a large leg and an appetite for the good life -has found himself blacklisted since he came out with a sob story taking the Thai public's money and spending it on booze and prostitutes in Pattaya.

It is these actions that have gotten him permanently blacklisted from Thailand and ejected from Singapore, Taiwan, and South Korea as well. He doesn’t beg only in Asia though, he’s also been spotted performing his “work” in Europe.

He recently got married in the Gambia, west Africa, but now showed his conversion to Islam issued by the Kanifing Islamic Court of the Gambia.

Benjamin "new wife is also a Muslim".

He hopes to come back to Thailand one day he said:

"With my new name it's more easy".

He also stressed that he does not have a girlfriend waiting for him in Thailand.

Following his expulsion by the Thai authorities he went searching for a home and even went back to his native Germany for a while.

Then he found love in Banjul, the capital of the Gambia.

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