Monday, 1 January 2018

1/01/2018 05:19:00 pm
Tourist drowned after plunging 250 ft down a 

notorious Thai waterfall: 

Ignoring warnings & trying to take pictures. 

Radwan Sbih, from Israel, 27, was with three friends at the the top of the treacherous Na Mueang waterfall on Koh Samui.

He clambered over rocks to take pictures of the idyllic scenery but lost is footing after slipping on the wet surface.

The holidaymaker’s friends watched in horror as he was swept away by the raging waters - deadly after weeks of heavy rain.

His body was repeatedly smashed into jagged rocks and held under the water before it came to rest trapped in the rapids some around 1,000 ft down stream.

The emergency services arrived and spent more than an hour using ropes and ladders to reach Radwan's body and pull it from the water but the tourist, a keen motorcyclist and quad biker, was pronounced dead at the scene.

”The man fell into the river and disappeared while his two friends were watching.”

The breathtaking waterfalls on the popular holiday island attract tourists from around the world. But they have also gained a reputation for being some of the most dangerous.

In July, ex-Eastenders star Paul Nicholls spent 72 hours trapped in a rock pool at the bottom of the nearby Khun Si waterfall on Koh Samui. The actor suffered a shattered leg – drinking mountain water to survive – and needed several days in hospital to recover.

While British holidaymaker Luke Scott, 20, survived a 260ft drop down the Na Muang 2 waterfall – the same one that claimed the life of the tourist from Israel yesterday.

"There are warning signs and most importantly, the tourists did not believe them. I want to recommend to all visitors to believe the warnings and travel signs for their own safety.”

Koh Samui police sherriff Dareon Narong said today (Sat) that authorities would make more warnings to tourists to be careful.

The top is more than 300 metres high and there has been continuous heavy rain.

He walked over slippery rocks on the walkway between two areas. His body was washed away before his friends’ eyes. They asked for help but nobody dared to go into the water because it was so strong.

After this incident we will urge all tourists to be cautious. The tour companies should not bring tourists to a dangerous place. If the areas are dangerous, it should not be recommended for visiting. Their lives could be in danger, as happened in this case.

Source: Follownews

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