dinsdag 29 mei 2018

mei 29, 2018
Tourist shows up posing breakdancers on Walking Street

A hilarious moment: A foreigner female tourist interrupted breakdancers on Walking Street and stealing the show with a series of BACKFLIPS.

The lads had been performing for passing tourists in Pattaya on Saturday night, when the blonde staggered into their circle.

At first she appeared to be joking while drunkenly spinning around and whooping – but she stunned onlookers when she executed three perfectly timed bare-footed backflips.

The British woman then swayed back to her friends and was handed back her beer.

The clip went viral after being published online.

Onlooker Terrence Frost from Hanwell, west London, said: ”The breakdancers were doing their thing and being posers. Tourists put change in a hat for them.

”Then the blonde girl appeared and walked in. She was a bit tipsy and I though to myself ‘oh, here we go, she’s going to make a fool of herself’.

”But I couldn’t believe it when she pulled out those backflips. She wins. She stole the show, no doubt about it. In a loose black dress and barefooted, too. I was very impressed.

”The man who went to dance after her looked a little bit sheepish.”
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