woensdag 30 mei 2018

mei 30, 2018


Police major Arut Supanon, the new traffic police commander of Pattaya left nothing to chance and spoke clear language, by saying that in the short term more police will be stationed at the schools in Pattaya.

In an interview last week, khun Arut Supanon told him that he intends to appoint more police supervision at the schools in the city, because this has the highest priority.

He intends to start the traffic police earlier with their service, namely at 6:30 am, that is, 30 minutes before their morning schedule and all this with only one goal and that is to keep the traffic congestion at the schools under control.

"The current problems of Pattaya are all caused by road users not following the rules," said Arut. Other problems that are caused include foreign visitors and expats who are unfamiliar with the traffic laws of Thailand.

He will send his traffic officials to the most crowded areas at schools and will ensure that discussions between his staff and the school boards come to create special pick-up zones at the schools.

It is often the case that the local population is on the wrong side of the road, driving through red and running into traffic, unfortunately this is all too common. It will be a challenge for the traffic police to enforce the law on the amount of motorcycles and cars, according to Arut.

The civil servants will soon receive training in resuscitation, first aid and accident prevention.

Source; 77kaoded

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