vrijdag 8 juni 2018

juni 08, 2018
It was the teachers of a school noticed that something was wrong with their students and decided to start an investigation. 

Soon they found out that something was absolutely wrong and informed the police, they arrested a 16-year-old student for trafficking and six men who arrested for special services from the schoolboys.

Preliminary research shows that no less than 150 people have had sex with these underage youngsters.

All eight victims are younger than 15, a few even younger than thirteen.

The research was a joint effort of a task force of the tourist police, 191, military and local officers led by the known crimefighter Major General Surachet Hakpal in Thailand also known as "Big Joke".

The pimp of only 16 years old was arrested and arrested according to an order from the youth and family court.

It is claimed that he used a Facebook site that referred to the boys who were available as "Children were not interested in the world" (deck mai sonjai loke).

The teachers at the Muang district school had become suspicious because the truancy had increased and some of the students seemed to have a lot of money.

A school study found that a group of boys on Facebook became sex and they discovered the name of the 16-year-old leader who ran the Facebook page. An adult man and a woman helped, but they were not mentioned as having been arrested in yesterday's Daily News story.

Called as people who reportedly had sex with the boys and were arrested on orders, the following persons were: Khwanchai Phromthong, 30, Yingsak Prasertsong, 61, Printhorn Sirijoy, 31, Suphot Wondee, 44, Winai Buawat, 34 and Aneke Butrsing, 34 .

They have been accused of having sex with minors under the age of 15 and 13 years.

Source; Dailynews

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