zaterdag 16 juni 2018

juni 16, 2018
Pattaya Pump Up Dance Club 

raided, drug abusers arrested

Police raided a dance club pub in Pattaya early this morning (Saturday) for remaining open past the legal closing time and arrested 19 people over alleged drug abuse.

Police from Pattaya Police station and the Tourist Police division 2 raided the Pump UP Pattaya pub at 3am after receiving complaints from residents of the neighbourhood that it violated the 2am closing hour rule. When police arrived, they found that some 50 patrons were still drinking and dancing.


Twelve women and 7 men tested positive for drugs. They were arrested for further checks before they would be sent for mandatory rehabilitation. Police also found a small amount of ketamine in five zip bags and seven ecstasy pills.


26 year old Thanakrit Pattanapibul, the pub manager, was arrested for violating the closing time rule for entertainment venues and for allowing drug abuse at the venue under his watch.

Police will propose to the Interior Ministry that the club be closed down.

Source; Nation

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