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juni 21, 2018
Living the high life in Pattaya 

whilst funding the Porsches, 

champagne and girls with money 

stolen by cloning people’s credit 

cards. That was the life of just one 

of several Brits covered.

A vicious turf war between British gangs over stolen millions burst into the open last year when one was gunned down in cold blood.

39 year old British citizen Tony Kenway raked in millions running his own clone fraud operation in Thailand while managing the computer servers for other outfits. But in a battle over £200,000 of stolen money the IT whizz, from Southampton UK, was shot in the head in a gangland-style hit whilst sitting in his red Porsche in Pattaya, in January last year.

He’s not the only Brit running lucrative clone businesses in Thailand and around the region. The Sun (UK) has a full report about the high life and the high risk, mostly ending up in strife, or dead.

In another part of the report… “Investigative journalist Andrew Drummond, who was forced to leave Thailand after years exposing the British fraud gangs, told how the criminals work hand-in-hand with corrupt authorities.

He explained the murder of Kenway was the latest in a string of gangland attacks which have included murders, kidnappings and corrupt police operations against rivals.

Mr Drummond also told how the clone fraud operations work across borders and crooks drive car-fulls of cash between Malaysia, Thailand and Cambodia.

One alleged clone fraud boss has even bought huge leisure sites in Bangkok, Thailand, and property in Amsterdam with cash suspected of being ripped off from savers in the UK and elsewhere.”

Read the rest of the report from the UK tabloid, The Sun HERE.


THAI police have long been trying (in vain) to clean up Pattaya's image as the "sex capital of the world", a dark escape from reality for Western tourists with loose morals and money to burn.

Now the death of a 26-year-old prostitute, who fell to her death from a fifth floor balcony following a sex session with ex-squaddie Reece Vella, has thrust the holiday resort town back into the spotlight.But those who truly know Pattaya - infamous for its 24-hour clubs, prostitute-lined streets and tourist deaths - will tell you this is nothing new.

With mounting concerns the city is becoming a haven for foreign criminals, paedophiles and even Islamic extremists, Pattaya appears to be surpassing its reputation as the "Costa del Crime" of south-east Asia.

Where the Spanish holiday hotspots were once be the resort of choice for British fugitives, they are now fast turning to the more exotic sights of Thailand.It is also attracting opportunists like British businessman Tony Kenway who ran a "Wolf of Wall Street" style boiler room scam which conned holidaymakers out of millions - until he was shot dead last year.

Kenway, 39, was killed as he climbed inside his top-of-the-range Porsche Cayenne after leaving the gym.An expat who has worked in Thailand for 25 years told the Mirror: "The police are very pliable.

It is an ideal location for villains.They can’t be touched.Britain has to beg to get an extradition." 

Though local media is quick to defend the "good foreigners" residing their peacefully, a large number of these foreigners are either on the run from cops or in Thailand to profit from crime.

Despite a tightening in immigration loopholes, around 100,000 foreigners are believed to have overstayed their visas , according to the Thai Examiner.In March, police arrested 14 foreign criminals over links to a fearsome "mafia" using their restaurants and clubs as a front for money laundering and drug trafficking.

The gang included six men from Russia, four from Uzbekistan and one each from Ukraine, Belarus, Morocco and Iran.

In a single day of raids in November, local officers made 180 arrest, seizing 41 guns and 97,000 methamphetamine tablets.And after the high-profile arrest of an Australian Hell's Angels members, they are warning of the growing danger of foreign "biker gangs" terrorising Pattaya.

Last month, Luke Joshua Cook, 34, and his Thai wife Kanyarat Wedphitak were arrested at Bangkok's main over an attempt to smuggle half a tonne of crystal meth into Thailand in 2015.

The arrest comes amid a crackdown on the Hell's Angels who have chapters based in Bangkok and Pattaya, now notorious for its seedy nightlife and criminal networks.

Foreign criminals are said to be attracted to a lax justice system, cheap housing, low cost of living and warm climate.

British, African and Australian con men are known to be heavily involved in credit card scams, drug dealing, counterfeiting and the sex industry, the Mirror reports."British people make up the largest part

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