maandag 25 juni 2018

juni 25, 2018

Australian man is held for 

questioning after his Thai girlfriend 

falls to her death from apartment 

building in Pattaya.

- A Thai woman died after falling off a hotel balcony at about 2.30am in Pattaya 
- 28-year-old's Australian boyfriend was found crying as he held her hand in street
- Police initially held the man for questioning to determine if death was suicide

Police held her Australian boyfriend for questioning following the incident at 2.30am at Mint Mansion in Tambon Nong Plue, Bang Lamung district.

Police said Wilawal Poolsukserm, 28, fell from her room and died on the way to Pattaya Memorial Hospital.


When rescuers arrived at the scene, they found her Australian boyfriend sitting nearby, holding her hand and crying.

A taxi motorcyclist told police that he saw Wilawal as she fell and then a loud bang as she hit the ground.

Police held the Australian boyfriend for questioning to determine whether it was suicide or not.

Source; Nation

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