vrijdag 6 juli 2018

juli 06, 2018
UPDATE. What we know.

Many still missing, Seven deads. 

Search resumes this morning.

56 still missing as search continues.

Many tourists are still missing following a capsize off Phuket late yesterday afternoon (Thursday). Divers are currently scouring the sunken vessel, the Phoenix, for missing people. The tour boat was one of two reported to have capsized yesterday late afternoon.

Phuket’s Governor Plodthong is keeping the media up to date with regular briefings. A sudden wind equal hit the Andaman coast around 4.30 pm yesterday surprising many of the hundreds of tour boats returning from day trips to islands off Phuket’s coast.

“We will conduct air searches and send divers to check inside the sunken Phoenix boat.”

AFP are reporting that one male downed and dozens of other Chinese tourists are still missing. The rescue mission was suspended late last evening and started again at first light this morning.

The boat that has sunk is called the Phoenix and was reported to be carrying around 90 passengers. The boat was returning to Phuket from Koh Racha. The captain says the boat started to heel over after it was hit by massive waves. The captain, as well as Navy personnel said, independently, that waves looked like they were up to 5 metres high.

Rawai’s Mayor Aron Solos told media last night around 10.30pm that the body of a man wearing a life jacket with the logo of the Phoenix boat had been fetched from waters between Koh Hei and Koh Racha.

Last night Phuket’s Governor said there are still 53 people missing. “We have stopped the rescue tonight. We’ll start again in the morning.”

Phoenix boat captain Somjing Boontham says his vessel was hit by five metre-high waves flooding the boat. He then says he asked his crew to ensure that passengers put on their life jackets. The captain also ordered the deployment of the vessel’s inflatable life rafts.


“The ‘Phoenix’ dive boat was carrying 105 passengers – 93 tourists, 12 boat crew and tour guides. 36 tourists and the 12 boat crew (and tour guides) have been saved. In total 48 passengers have been saved. A body was found wearing life jacket. 58 people are still missing.”

“This morning at 9am, two from ‘Senerita’ have been found save near Koh Kai. So 56 people remain missing.”

UPDATE. What we know!

What we currently know at 11am, Friday morning, Thai time…
• 7 dead bodies have been recovered near Koh Maiton
• Up to 50 remain missing (figure is continually being revised)
• One body of a Chinese tourist was recovered last last night
• Navy SEAL divers are searching the sunken ‘Phoenix’ boat for bodies
• Two boats sank in yesterday’s storm
• 8 boats sought shelter at Koh Racha last night with up to 166 people on board
• Captain of sunken vessel says waves were up to five metres high
• 6 boats with 136 passengers have returned to shore
• Boats set out to sea early Thursday morning with clear skies and a forecast that predicted winds up to 25 kph from the west
• ‘Freak’ storm hit the Andaman coast around 4.30pm last night with strong winds and waves
• Black-outs in many parts of Phuket last night

Source; Thaiger

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