woensdag 25 juli 2018

juli 25, 2018
"A bar girl whacked me over the 

head" German tourist tells Pattaya 

police & Farang lay down dead 2

hours at a beer bar in center of 

South Pattaya!


Yesterday morning early in the morning, around 4:00 PM a German tourist came to visit a Pattaya police checkpoint.

The man had several wounds so the police first called in the volunteers of the Sawang Boriboon. He turned out to have a 12 centimeter cut

When the man was cared for and somewhat calmed down, he slowly came up with his story. It turned out to be the 45-year-old Herbert Renardo from Germany. 

He told me that he had a bang with a wooden club from a barmaid and that he could not handle alcoholic drinks.

When the man had told his story, the police took him to the bar in Soi Num Plub Wan, pointing to the bar where the barmaid had hit him on the head. It turned out that the bar was closed, everyone had already gone home.

The police regretted that the man had not come to them before but promised that they would go to the bar later in the day to investigate the incident to the bottom of exactly what had happened.


The police of Pattaya was summoned last night after an unknown foreigner was found dead on his knees against a beer bar in the area behind the Marine Hotel in South Pattaya.

The man of about 50 years old found himself in that position for more than two hours before anyone thought about it.

The man had no ID, wore a yellow shirt, gray shorts and sandals. He still had his earphones in his ears.

No traces of a struggle or any other violence were found, so the police were also stunned at the fact that the man died like this.

The corpse was taken to the mortuary for autopsy.

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