vrijdag 20 juli 2018

juli 20, 2018
A Thai man who doused a 22 year 

old Thai woman in gasoline while 

she was eating with friends at a 

Som Tam stall is given bail.

"And once again the Thai justice systems weaknesses are revealed. This is a horrific thing to do to anyone and bail absolutely should not be given, especially when he is talking about doing the same thing to someone else. The sooner this worthless dog is rearrested and thrown in jail, the better."

Incredibly the 23 year old Thai man who did it was given bail by the court.

He then told a friend of the victim that she was next.

The 22 year old woman, is still in hospital following the horrific attack and has not been named.

The mother of the victim went to Paveena Hongsakul of the foundation for children and women that bears her name for help yesterday.

"Mon", 44,, a teacher, said her daughter was eating with friends at a Som Tam stall on 8 July. 
A man called "Geng" arrived who was the ex boyfriend of a friend.

An argument broke out in which Geng threatened to "burn her" before he disappeared. No one knew what he meant but they were soon to find out.

Thirty minutes later he came back and to the horror of friends and other diners produced a whisky bottle containing gasoline.

He got the 22 year old in a headlock and covered her in the fuel before setting light to her.

She was rushed to the Hospital where she was treated for second degree burns to her neck, torso, legs and arms.

Doctors said she would need to stay in hospital for at least a month.

The assailant was apprehended in a citizens' arrest and police took him into custody.

But subsequently he was bailed by the court.

Mon told Paveena that he then went to see a friend of her daughter to say that he had not finished with her daughter yet and that she was next.

Paveena is now in contact with police chief Pol Col Kosit Bunthawee and has called for the man at the center of the case to be rearrested.

A press conference is planned for today.

Source: Thai Rath

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