woensdag 1 augustus 2018

augustus 01, 2018
Arrest warrant issued for Patong 

bar owner linked to the double 

murder in Pattaya

Police last night (July 31) raided an entertainment business on Bangla Road which allegedly belongs to one of the Pattaya double murder suspects. Read here 

The business was found to be illegal.

Pattaya police, investigating the brazen double execution-style murder in the car park at Buddha Mountain in Pattaya, say initial investigations were able to uncover a number of possible motives and implicate an initial set of suspects.

Officers raided the entertainment business in Soi Pum Pui on Bangla Road in Patong after a man known as ‘Sia Auan’ or 39 year old Panya Yingdang, was accused of direct involvement in the murder of 20 year old woman Paweena Namuangrak and 21 year old Anatachai Jaritram in Chonburi on July 29.

The woman claiming to be the ‘manager’, 29 year old Jarupak Natana, failed to present an operating license. Jaruluck was taken to Patong Police Station where she has been charged with illegally operating an entertainment business.

Patong Police Chief Col Anothai Jundamanee says, “’Sia Auan’ has operated two entertainment businesses next to each other which are ‘Pum Pui’ and ‘The Night’ night club. ‘The night’ had already been shut down as there aren’t many customers.”

Two houses in Patong, linked to a suspect in the double murder at Sattahip, Chonburi, remain under surveillance.

Chonburi police, investigating the double execution-style murders in the car park of Buddha Mountain in Pattaya, say their initial investigations revealed a number of possible motives in the gruesome hit.

After investigations arrest warrants were issued for three suspects. One of them is a man known as ‘Sia Auan’ aka. 39 year old Panya Yingdang, a bar owner in Patong.

Source; Thaiger

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