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Cover Picture: David and Jay Simpson and Emerging Trends Advisors pose with Maradona


The man who created the website ‘Love Pattaya Thailand’ to promote the delights of the controversial Thai resort town is quitting and leaving to live instead in the ‘City of Joy’ – Kolkata.
David Simpson, who arrived in Thailand in a group with his father and two brothers, who have a history in second hand car sales, trading and betting in rural Suffolk in the U.K., is leaving, he says, because he says he has found the best investment product on the market.
He is selling investment bonds in a group which provides education to Indian children, he says. These are being promoted by his Pattaya investment company ‘Emerging Trends Advisors’, which now also gives a Kolkata address as its main office.

City of Joy

Happily, David Simpson has also become the Managing Director of the company which is the recipient of the cash – the Aditya Group, which is currently paying of US$20 million in loans.
This is clearly a smart move for David Simpson, who last week was posting pictures of himself reflected in a silver teapot while taking tea and a burger at the Marina Bay Sands Hotel. (£8 for the cheapest pot of tea)
But personally, this was an unhappy year for him as he was named in a sensational child sex abuse scandal and custody battle which made both the Thai and international press.
A year ago, he was accused of sexually abusing the children of his then Chinese girlfriend by the children’s natural French father.
YouTube clip, which showed the children screaming and hitting and refusing to go with their mother, while their father waited in the background, went viral. Subsequent reports gave details of the alleged abuses.
The children were taken away from the mother and were only returned after Simpson and the mother ended their relationship.
Thai police took no action and stated no physical evidence of abuse could be found. According to Liberation, the French father was so distraught that he lodged a complaint for sexual abuse and aggravated rape with the Paris Tribunal de Grande Instance.
The Bangkok Post, and  Khao Sod   covered the case in full including a statement from the mother.

Simpson furiously denied the claims and Love Pattaya Thailand, entering into the world of covering news stories, devoted 5000 words to a rebuttal of the father’s allegations publishing their story in both Thai and English under the headline ‘Corruption in Child Rape Case After Father Brainwashes His Own Children’ claiming the father was a completely deranged liar. He has initiated legal action for defamation.
The father, who also claimed corruption, it is understood held on to the children despite being ordered by Juvenile Court to return them to the mother and a petition was made on his behalf on Change.Org under the headline ‘Innocence Assassinated’. They are currently on the run.
The Simpson family pulled together in the crisis as they did when the patriarch Jules Simpson was jailed in 2007 at Ipswich Crown Court for two years and three months for fraud and banned from running a business for six years. (Now expired of course).

Jay and Jules Simpson on the town in Pattaya

Together with others and trading as Suffolk Sports he put an ad out on Autotrader describing their company as a market leader selling sports prestige cars. They basically took in cars for sale and, well, just kept the cash.
The family banded together in ‘Love Pattaya Thailand’ and wised up on the cash front. Jules, Jay, Paul and David could all be seen promoting, even taking on television to promote their affection for the city and their guide to its go-go-bars, pubs, and property, which of course is where the money is. And the Thai authorities just loved the name.
It was not long before they had started their own investment company, which they described as the ‘modern day alternative to a high street bank’. (It’s not)
Heading the company was David Simpson with history as a Trainee Advisor at Co-operative Insurance, and a spell as a trader in Suffolk.

Kurt Svendheim

Emerging Trends Advisors then became a major vehicle to drive funds to Kurt Svendheim’s New Nordic Group, which if you read the local media is Pattaya’s greatest success story. In fact they claim in one of of their websites to be New Nordics ‘sole financier’. 
In short, claims Bond Review, Emerging Trends/New Nordic make misleading statements. Unless you are prepared to lose $200,000 it might be better to do some more due diligence. Bonds secured on property are by no means watertight.

Paul Simpson

New Nordic has been so good at marketing that it has covered a large section of Pratamnak Hill in Pattaya with its orange coloured developments, and is expanding in Indonesia, the Philippines and Africa. And New Nordic has even taken on David’s brother Paul Simpson as its Marketing Director for its new subsidiary ‘The Auran Group’ prior to ETA’s Kolkata relocation.
Paul had a previous history with ‘Betfair’ and dabbled in property in Pattaya.
The Auran Group, registered by Kurt Svendheim, in Wilshire Boulevard, L.A., does pretty much the same as Emerging Trends/Nordic and seems to be selling bonds for Nordic taking over this side of Nordic’s affairs. It’s selling US$15 million in bonds with a minimum subscription of US$10,000 for a new hotel on Pratamnak Hill, Pattaya.
Certainly, the movers and shakers are flash with cash.
In fact, when Svendheim’s house was raided by Thai police during one of his parties the Thais gasped at the opulence. The champagne was Premier Kru and the cars would never realise their full potential in Pattaya’s streets.

Lots of booze, women, and flash cars but when Thai Police raided they did not really know what they were looking for..except perhaps a tip

There will  be the critics and cynics who claim that this is all a Ponzi just like Svendheim’s previous property dealing in Brazil and Bulgaria. That is easily put down to jealousy.
Svendheim himself is one of the principal subjects of the book ‘Sviket I Hjemeland’ or ‘Betrayal at Hjelmeland’, which is a story about how Svendheim almost took down the Norwegian Hjemeland Sparkasse (bank).
The property ventures in Brazil and Bulgaria eventually went belly-up. I don’t know how many people were ruined. Certainly. the bank lost US$80 million, but Kurt was now safe in Thailand and blaming his problems on the recession.
Officials at the bank took the rap for lending him the money and Svendheim did not return for questioning.
Currently Briton David Ames is awaiting trial in the U.K. for scamming £200 million out of punters for their dream holidays in the Caribbean sun.
But nothing was done after his projects in Pattaya, firstly under the name ‘Harlequin’ and taken over by Richard Haughton of Thailand Property and Media Exhibition Co. (TPME), failed to materialise.

Gun-toting Jay Simpson

But to be fair to Kurt, he has actually built quite a lot of his projects, and he is still building them. Perhaps he has the magic touch.
Most of the Simpsons are still kicking around Pattaya but David, gun-toting Jay, and Jules, are making more and more trips to Kolkata.
And in Kolkata the Aditya Group which is heavily mortgaged to the tune of US$20 million is looking forward to the better times.

Emerging Trend Advisors are issuing the Aditya Group Bonds through a company in Singapore called Tectona Advisory Pte. This avoids more rigid US S.E.C controls.
Tectona was of course set up through ETA so they get a second bite at the cherry.  But the only shareholder appears to be David’s mum Jacqueline , (right) with Jay Simpson.
Jules however, this week was temporarily holding fort for the ‘Emerging Trend Advisors’ Kolkata venture.
He emailed an enquirer seeking details of the Aditya Bond investment and put him off investing in Nordic/Auran for reasons he would explain over the phone.
And he was telling prospective clients that they are well subscribed already and the ‘early bird’ deadline would end in a few days. You can tell he’s from farming country.
He told one enquirer not to go for any other fund which offers ‘poultry’ gains – like, ahem, Nordic.

Below is some of the land which is being used as security for the Aditya bonds. It looks quite pretty and certainly might make a good water sports location but probably not so easy to build on in the rainy season.
Finally, who has been promoting this deal in Thailand?
Yes, at a price ThaiVisa.com has been flouting this deal by one of its sponsors and their very own internet oik – no I did not mean geek – Jonathan Fairfield  has been slipping stories about it into the General Thai News section.  ‘Ethical Investment Opportunity Returns Up to 15 per cent‘. (The percentages have come down a bit since that promo a week ago).

VIDEO: https://www.facebook.com/100010427175712/videos/478328592524709/UzpfSTEwMDAyNzYyNzQ0MjkyMToxMzk2MTI4MDY5Njk2MzM/?hc_ref=ARQtDRnDPIAZJfsziulfa3HXhQ-8HZa5w4kdvz3x2qmAW440fWHm6VAjZTB4HUa2x94&fref=nf&__xts__[0]=68.ARA3pUnb00-YgW-8KOvquvCUhrj_633XZ5nTBd9rclsOCZFjJx0VDi2vvH9SWpqe7zZyuRLA6O01PeAzEubVE2a1Qofvozd2T1B368ATlKbll2MPih5ZNyCbeLAZT5O3lwXDye0&__tn__=CH-R
Kurt Svendheim
Emerging Trends Advisors/New Nordic – Bond Review
Emerging Trends Advisors Aditya Bond
Aditya Group

Child sex abuse allegations
Pattaya Love Thailand
Khao Sod
Bangkok Post
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