Discover "Amazing Thailand".

Come, discover and explore the "Beautiful Thailand".

Thailand, an "Exotic and fascinating country" to explore. Discover this amazing country with his cultural and scenic treasures and the overall lifestyle.

Explore the Kingdom, a "Beautiful Paradise" for an "Exciting Holiday" destination. The most "Popular Destination" in South East Asia.

Kingdom of Thailand, discover and explore the the "Land of Smiles".

This nice country has all what people can like, from history to culture. From natural beauty to the gorgeous beaches and islands. Nice and relaxing mountains in the North to a wild night life in Pattaya city. Entertainment, national parks, Temples, the Isaan, the Thai hospitality, the warm ambiance and the delicious Thai food.

There are so "Many things to do" and "To see in this beautiful country". Excursions and a to do holiday, or just relaxing at One of the nice resorts with the own private beaches. Thailand a paradise for "Shopping Lovers" with is famous and large modern shopping malls all over the country in the big cities.

Also a great nice country to have a "Romantic Time". One of the romantic holiday's destinations in the world, a holiday destination for every body.

Amazing destination for you with so many great tourists and "Tourists Attractions".

Enjoy your stay in the Kingdom.

History of the Kingdom.

A short story about Thailand history.

Around the 10th century the Thais moved into the mainland in South East Asia. The Thais starting their own states with Sukhothai, Chiang Saen, the Chiang Mai and Lanna Kingdom and then the Ayutthaya Kingdom. These Thai states fought each other and also they where under constantly threat from Burma, Khmers and Vietnam.

A long time later, in the 19th and early 20th century they where threatened by the European colonials. As the only South East Asian state, Thailand survived to avoid colonial rules. The absolute monarchy end in 1932 and after that Thailand have 60 years of permanent military rules before a democratic elected government system has be establishment. There have been 18 military coups since 1932.

Monarchy of Thailand with the longest respected monarch.

The current monarch of the Kingdom of Thailand is His Majesty King Bhumibhol Adulyadej. The world's longest reigning current monarch and world's longest serving head of state. The king has reigned since 9 June 1946. The king still retains many powers as; the prerogative of royal assent, being head of the Royal Thai Armed Forces and the power of pardon. The King is also the defender of the Buddhist faith in Thailand.

Population of Thailand.

Population of nearly 67 Million Thai people.
The population reach nearly the 67 million people (in 2012). The total land area is 515.000 sq km. The main capital of Thailand is Bangkok. The place for the commercial, political, cultural and industrial activities. It's is the largest city of the Kingdom and have a population of 6.500.000 people, a very big and chaotic city, but a beautiful place to visit and to explore.

The many provinces and neighbor countries.

The country have 76 provinces who are dividend in districts, sub districts and villages. This great country is rich of traditions and cultures. The Four neighbor countries are Malaysia, Cambodia, Myanmar and Laos. The only country in the South East Asia area, that never been colonized.

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