Beaches in Pattaya, Jomtien beach, Naklua and the near Pattaya islands.

The "Nice Jomtien beach" the the Southern part of Pattaya.
About 4 km south of Pattaya you will find the nice and beautiful Jomtien beach, one of the Southern nicest beaches in this great town. Jomtien beach is about a 7 km long sandy coastline that is not so
crowded and chaotic as the very busy Pattaya beach with his road. Jomtien is cleaner and wider then the Pattaya One and it's more relaxing then in the heart of the city. During the week it can be quiet and relax at this place, special in the weekends, the Thais from Bangkok and the nearby provinces come celebrate the free day's and holiday's also here, it can be very busy in Jomtien.
A great place to have a top holiday in pattaya and to relax and sunbathing in tropical Thailand.
Jomtien beach is rising fast but it is still a peaceful place to relax on the beach. For those who don't like the busy area, the busy road of the Pattaya beach, just ten minutes from the center you can be at the nice Jomtien beach. A must to see when you will relax and take a break, feel on holiday and be away from the Pattaya night life.

Pattaya beach, the busiest beach at the city.
"Sun, sand and sea" in the "tourist destination Pattaya".
Pattaya beach is the vibrant and buzzing beach from whole Pattaya town. This 6 km long popular stretch from the North to the South on a busy Pattaya beach road. A busy area with everything you want as many restaurants street food vendors, bars, guest houses and hotels, clubs, department stores and shopping malls. Also in the night time the Pattaya beach area is an exciting place to hang around, but be aware, there are disturbing lady boy's, working girls, groups of Thai's, it's better not to come after midnight.

Naklua beach and the "Beautiful Wong Amat and Wong Phrachan".
Naklua Beach is much smaller then the other beaches in Pattaya. It not suffer from the chaotic Pattaya beach with them many negative aspects. Same the Jomtien area, the Naklua Beach is family friendly and you see now also many family's from the East of Europe, the Russians. Wong Amat beach and Wong Phrachan beach are great and beautiful places to enjoy and to hang out all day in the hot weather with a nice sea wind. From all the places in Pattaya are those beaches in North Pattaya the nicest and the best places to relax and forget the busy and stressful life.

Your amazing beach holiday in "Tropical Pattaya".
Enjoy your holiday to make a really nice relaxing time at One of the nicest places of the town, the beach.

Naklua beach, a comfortable place for you and your family to have a great time in the Northern part of this amazing city. Enjoy the beaches in Pattaya and your holiday in this nice beautiful and excentric city. Many of us like some of the water sports there are, dining, scuba, surfing are a few of this nice sorts and can do at this great place. You can rent also Jet ski's, but will warning you for the many Jet Ski scams. Look out when you want to rent a Jet ski in Pattaya, it's the number One scam in town, before you know you have to pay a lot and your Pattaya holiday changed in a Pattaya
nightmare. Feel sad to say it, but "Better not rent a jet ski".

Look out, after midnight the "Pattaya beach can be a dangerous area".
Late night is this are better a no go zone to not have any problem on your Pattaya holiday. Just don' go there if you not to have to be there after mid night. At evening, it's a great walking promenade, after mid night it can be dangerous on same places. The last year there are many disturbing lady boys all over the place, arrested beach working girls who drugged tourists, pick pockets during late night, fighting's and robberies.

Beautiful Islands in the Pattaya neighbor area.

About 20 minutes drive by car or motorbike there is the beautiful Bang Saen beach. It's a nice place what offers all you like. There are several bungalows and clean places to eat. You can take also a trip with the boat to the nearby Pattaya island (s). Koh Larn (The coral island) is the nearly One, but now crowded with a lot tourists, specially the Russians. A bit further you have Koh Sak and Koh Krok, both top paradises with very nice clean White sand beaches. Or take a taxi to Rayong or Trat and visit other nice Island in the neighbor as Koh Samet or Koh Chang. Both islands destinations are better to visit for a few day's and are beautiful islands in Thailand.

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