Do's and don'ts, can do or better not can do.
What can i do and what is better not do in the Kingdom of Thailand. The do's and don'ts in the tropics. Must to do things and don't must to do things. Info about the do's and don'ts. Thai are easy going people, warm and friendly, but at the same time a Thai can be deadly if they serious be pushing in a corner!

In the Thai mentality you will often find the words as 'Never mind' (Mai pen rai) and also 'Take it easy' (Chai yen yen). This are words you will heard many times if you be in Thailand. Try to have an easy mind and think the same, it's not easy but the best way to handle the Thai manners and culture.

Do's and don'ts in Thailand. The Thailand mentality.
Tolerance, temper and patience are a few words of the positive sides of Thai people. Some negatives side are the words sensitivity, forget fullness and unpunctuality. Below will try to give some advice what you can do in Thailand and what you absolute not can do in this beautiful and amazing country.

Advise in Thailand.

You can do advice. You can not do advice.
Make a Thai Wai to an elder person. Except that it takes a longer time then your home country. Don't be upset!
Except tolerance, example when you order food, wait for change, pay the bill. Don't touch the head of Thai people. The important part of the Thai entire body!
Make sure your washing laundry is from you when it returns to you. Never lose your temper in Thailand!.
Accept with the right hand. Not put your feet to a Thai person, Royal family or a religious Buddha image!
When you sitting, keep your feet on the ground. Not point with fingers to any one!
Only accept offers when you know the person very good. Don't step over body parts of another.
Always ask for receipt/bill for stay some where longer then one day. Foreigner never Wai first and who pay for any kind of services and bosses don't Wai first!
Show respect for the Queen, King and all Royal family members in Thailand. Don't wear shoes when you walk inside a home in Thailand!
Show respect for Buddha images. Don't go topless. It's inappropriate in Thailand !!

Don't used drugs or be involved with drugs in Thailand and don't gambling in the Kingdom of Thailand. The penalties are high till the death penalty !!

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