Hi Teelac, how are you?

My friend come today and she get, very beautiful Teelac, I want to be beautiful too.

Pookie: Hi Teelac, how are you? I have something to ask you.

Me: Good Teelac, what is it you want to ask?

Pookie: Teelac, I want big milk…you can do?

Me: Yes Teelac, I can do…do you need a gallon or will a half gallon be okay?

Pookie: Teelac! You know I mean big nom. My friend come today and she get…very beautiful Teelac I want to be beautiful too.

Me: Teelac you are already beautiful and I love your small nom.

Pookie: But Teelac I will look much better and clothes will look very very good on me.

Me: Teelac you don’t need and besides big nom cost 50 thousand baht easy, then you need all new bra and shirts.

Pookie: Yes Teelac, new clothes make me look more beautiful. You can do?

Me: Okay Teelac I’ll tell you what…I’ll buy one big nom and if everything works out ok we can talk about the second one in a year or so.

Pookie: Teelac!!! One no good! …need two.

Me: We’re negotiating Teelac. You like large nom and I like small nom. This way we are both happy.

Pookie: grrrrrr

Me: You should have that cold looked at Teelac, you sound a lil horse..!!

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