Why the people like Pattaya.

Tell me what is so exciting of this city, i guess for the most a combination from nice weather, a lot of alcohol and a guarantee company.

The list is 'far from complete',

* Sin city, 30,000 hookers for a cheap company, nearly all lie and cheat.

* You like to meet other sex tourists and have a drink with them and talk about the sex last night.

* You like to sit down to alcoholics from different countries and listen always to the same stories.

* You want to be drunk every day and have a lady to take care to to your room.

* You want to met rough people, party to early morning with those drug addicted crazy freaks.

* You like to listen to lie stories, play the bull shit game with those girls with an iq from a baby.

* You just like Pattaya girls who drink beer every day and are full with tattoo's and arm scars.

* You like all the Pattaya scams, the bill scams, the mama san scams, the taxi scams, you are a scam freak.

* You like the nice smell in the air from the big buses and taxi's when you eat at the food stall at the street.

* You want to make new Russian or Arab friends.

*You need lessons "how to cheat some one"!

About the fascinating Thai smile in Thailand, the land of the smile.

The Thai Smile, Here is a 'Not Complete' list of things that I have see Thais smiling for:

* Love,

* Lust,

* Romance,

* Pain,

* Friendship,

* Embarrassment,

* Kindness,

* Naughtiness,

* Hate,

* Discomfort,

* Shock,

* Horror,

* Death,

* Misunderstanding,

* Confrontation,

* Lies,

* Unwilling to admit mistake,

* If caught staring,

* In middle of argument,

* If VERY upset,

Not sure that they smile when they’re killing someone, but if they are killing over som tam, then it’s a distinct possibility.

1. Yim yaw / ยิ้มเยาะ

This smile can be used in two ways: Firstly, when teasing someone, and secondly when wanting to express the words “I told you so”, without actually having to be so harsh.

2. Yim cheun chom / ยิ้มชื่นชม

This smile is a controlled yet beautiful smile that expresses the words, “I admire you”, or, I’m proud of you”.

3. Yim mai awk / ยิ้มไม่ออก

This is the smile used when concealing difficult emotion. It’s the “I’m trying my best to smile but can’t struggling” smile. This might be used when someone is broken hearted or physically hurt.

4. Yim mee lessanai / ยิ้มมีเลสนัย

This is a devious smile that masks bad intent. If you really upset your Thai partner, you should probably worry if you get this smile in return!
5. Yim cheua-cheua / ยิ้มเชือดเชือน

Similar to Yim mer lessanai, but more the “Mwhahaha” bad guy smile. This would be used by a person who has gotten the upper hand over someone else.

6. Yim dor thaan / ยิ้มต่อต้าน

This smile indicates that you disagree but will entertain the idea or go along with the action regardless. It’s the “You can go ahead but this smile lets you know I disagree and that your idea isn’t a good one” smile.

7. Yim sao / ยิ้มเศร้า

This is the standard smile of sadness, one that indicates someone really isn’t happy.
8. Yim haeng / ยิ้มแห้ง

This is the dry smile, also known as the “I know I owe you the money but I don’t have it” smile.

9. Yim suu suu! / ยิ้มซื่อซื่อ

This is the smile of encouragement, the “You/I can do it” smile.

10. Yim yoh-yae / ยิ้มเหยาะแหยะ

This smile is the Thai equivalent to suggesting that it’s not worth getting upset over something that seems pretty bad, but has happened and can’t be changed.In essence, it’s the “no point in crying over spilt milk” smile.

11. Yim thang nam taa / ยิ้มทั้งน้ำตา

This smile must be interpreted in context, as it can mean two different things. On one hand it can mean “I’m so happy I’m crying inside”, and on the other, given different circumstances, “I’m so sad inside, but I’m still smiling”.
12. Fuen Yim / ฝืนยิ้ม

This is the “mai jing jai” (literally translated as ‘not real heart’) smile. It’s a stiff and somewhat fake smile. For example, “I should laugh at the joke, but it’s not funny, so I’ll do this smile instead and help you move on”.

13. Yim thak thaai / ยิ้มทักทาย

This is the smile of convenience, a polite smile that enables you to acknowledge someone you don’t know that well, or someone you aren’t going to get into a long conversation with. It’s pretty much the most common smile you’ll get when out and about in Thailand.

** Taak thaai means to say hello.

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